Can the Smart Fitness Mirror Really Replace Traditional Gym?

The magic mirror on the world, who is the fairest one of all? Like you, many in this world might have recalled their childhood memory after hearing this famous dialog of snow-white where the evil queen was asking about her beauty in the mirror. Well, 50 years back, people mostly used mirrors to see their reflections. However, like your grandmother, no one knows that once that is used for hiding imperfections can become your health guide. Apart from smartwatches or fitness bands, in the 21st century, people are more prone to use fitness mirrors to maintain their precious health. But are these fitness mirrors worth using in terms of efficiency? If yes, how does this conventional mirror become a health guide suddenly?

Before inspecting how these smart mirrors revolutionized the health sector, let’s discuss where all these started!

Concept of Smart Device

The name of fitness tracker was introduced in the world in 1965 at the hand of Dr. Yoshiro Hatano, who invented Manpo- kei, which translates to ‘10,000 steps meter. The backend reason for inventing this kind of fitness tool was none other than combating obesity conditions. Since then, fitness tracking devices have never left any chance to create headlines through back-to-back groundbreaking introductions to the digital therapeutics industry.  

Such as 1980s polar watches- Wireless heart rate monitors or 3D accelerometers in mobile phones, which measure movement and vibration in a three-dimensional space. And from then, the journey of fitness trackers begins to sail everywhere. In fact, apart from fitness trackers, the smartwatch’s introduction succeeds in delivering the message to all health enthusiasts that tracking health and monitoring daily work can be done equally. And we are pretty much sure, currently, that majority of you might have recalled the features you have used mostly on your apple, Fitbit, or Samsung galaxy for monitoring health. From tracking heart rate to blood oxygen level, currently, people can check their fertility status by this fitness tracker. 

However, this consumer-based wearable technology in health research is new, but due to global demand right now, one in five Americans regularly use a smartwatch or wearable fitness tracker. Even according to data, it was expected that the global fitness trackers market size will reach $114.36 billion in 2028. If you think we are going to end up on the lists of these wearable fitness trackers, then sorry to be disappointed. Recently, innovative tools like smart glass or smart clothing have also shown significant market growth.

Rise of Fitness Mirror

Besides all these protentional outputs, one special point grabbed the most attention. Yes, it’s none other than a fitness mirror. During pandemics, people are stuck at home and conscious of their obesity status. On that note, these smart mirrors did a tremendous job of becoming a personal fitness coach. 

After hearing, some of you may not even believe, but the reality is somewhat more progressive than you ever imagined. Suppose you have recently finished some Sci-Fi movies where people are completely relying on AI for their daily activities. What if we tell you that currently, people are experiencing some of these things by using smart mirrors?

Here these smart mirrors are considered to be interactive and display different workout videos. These mirrors are marketed to give you everything your off-air gym has to offer. In fact, it is a way to get the personalizat ion of a trainer within the confines of your sweet home.The most important features about these mirrors are that they track your performance and form with the assistance of virtual trainers so that you track down your exercises smoothly. And the surprising fact is that according to the latest report by Technavio, the global home fitness equipment market size is projected to grow by USD 657.43 million from 2020-to 2024. In fact, if you look over the US, apart from health clubs, more people are bringing fitness equipment to their homes. But wait, do you ever want to know how these fitness mirrors become so popular all of a sudden?

Some of you may have brought up the topic of pandemic days which raise the risk of contracting the virus in indoor facilities or the restrictions that were going on in most states in the US, right? Well, apart from this reason, the demand for home gym equipment suddenly rose after the introduction of the Pelton bike, which offers the exclusive and easiest of working out at home. But the ultimate thing is- instead of just pedaling along, Peloton connects you to live and on-demand workouts, which allows instructors to motivate and push you.  Though it sounds impressive, in the early days, this company faces many challenges. However, by offering back-to-back innovative features and increasing global market demand right now, this US-based company’s market capita is crossing 9B. And when health enthusiastic people were already happy with Pelton bikes, the entry of a smart fitness mirror shook up the fitness industry that anyone had never hoped for.

After hearing these, some of you might have a question: why do all eyes suddenly stick to the fitness mirror? Or What makes this fitness mirror so special from Pelton bikes?

Pelton’s vs Fitness Mirror

Well, the first fitness mirror that came to the market in 2018 which introduced its name as a Mirror. Unlike Pelton, it doesn’t limit its use to a bike or treadmill. It actually offers an entire bank of workout classes ranging from yoga to HIIT, pilates, or to strength training. And instead of finding the space for a bulky bike like Pelton in a one-bedroom apartment, Mirror was only a matter of designating a workout-friendly patch of wall space. In fact, this tech-equipped mirror can adapt to budding trends or cultural influences in the fitness field where its competitors cannot. This is all about the Mirror side.

Fitness Mirror
Fitness Mirror

Companies like Tonal, Tempo studio, or Echelon Reflect smart mirror are known for great offerings too. Such as Tonal. Though it is similar to Mirror but goes a step further by adding an element of resistance training with electromagnetic arms that offer up to 200 pounds of resistance. Whereas Tempo Studio can track and record personal metrics to realize your strength. Besides that, it also has Apple Watch integration. In addition, while using Echelon reflect, you can do any kind of workout-related from barre lessons to yoga classes to a high-intensity strength-training routine.

Moreover, to bring these mirrors to your home, you have to spend an extra dollar than the conventional one. Yes, it’s huge for many, but you can take a deep breath as many fitness mirrors come up with a 30-day free trial period. So before buying, double-checking is a must option to do whether these fitness mirror costs are included in the free trial and which ones aren’t.

After hearing the costlier fact, some may think of choosing traditional home gym tools ranging from small and inexpensive equipment like free weights, barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells, right? Well, though they are budget-friendly options for many, if you are looking for a flexible option for building your fitness, then here comes the biggest disclaimer that you have missed so far. 

The traditional gym equipment enables users to access workouts and session data. In addition, these devices can connect to the internet and offer a limited set of preloaded guided activities. Whereas by providing the concept of bringing invisible gyms, these fitness mirrors actually increase their demand worldwide.

Wrapping Up

Thus, all these high-tech gym equipment currently succeeds in bringing convenience, personalization, and community of studio class in one line. This sums up the popular line that we all want to tell-  The future is near!

Elinore Barton
After graduating with a degree in biology, Elinore Barton has been a research analyst in the health and pharmaceutical industry. Along with her work, she’s also an aspiring writer and has produced influential findings through her writing. With her published works, she intends to help others maintain their health by improving their awareness of healthcare and nutrition.


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