How Badly Sugar Affects Your Body?

Do you want to have sugar in coffee? Yeh, add two tablespoons of sugar; No, sorry, add 2 and a half. Yes, like others, many of you may prefer having little extra sugar on your morning coffee.

Even having some pastry is the common thing that you are recently trying in the evening and may feel relaxed you have finally avoided some carbs from your daily routine. But did you realize that carbohydrates and sugars are the same? Biologically, they are inseparable, right down to their chemical composition. Even all carbs we ingest ultimately decompose into sugar and lead to 184,000 deaths globally each year. However, many consider sugar is needed in our body for performing many biological functions, right? So, depending on dietary sugars, is enough for optimal health, or do you need extra sugar to be healthy?

Do We Need Sugar to Survive?

You don’t need to add extra sugar to your diet in terms of being healthy. In addition, you can nourish your body by having dietary sugars such as healthy Fruit, which contains fructose as well as fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Whereas Sugary foods and beverages, such as chocolate and soda, lack the nutrients. However, mistakenly many of you already take some sugary muffins or crunchy candies. But do you know what happens when sugar hits your tongue? Let’s find out!

Negatives Effects of Sugar

Consuming excess sugar can harm your health to a great extent, from cardio diseases to obesity, sugar can be responsible for many health problems. Let’s discuss it further. 

Messing Your Brain Signal

When you eat sugar, a chemical called dopamine is released in your brain, which is why you’re more likely to want a candy bar at 3:00 p.m. than a whole food like carrot or cucumber. And behind all these events, sugar is considered a key player who acts as addictive as caffeine and nicotine, leading to cravings and increased tolerance for sweet foods.

Increase Weight Gain

The body requires a small amount of sugar for energy, while the remainder is stored as body fat. Thus, having a lack of nutritional value, sugar linked to weight growth creates conditions like weight gain, obesity, type-2 diabetes, or fatty liver disease.

Fast Ageing

As we age, wrinkles appear. Your health will not prevent them from emerging at some point. But do you know dietary mistakes can induce these wrinkles and speed up the process of skin aging as well? A group of chemicals known as advanced glycation end products (AGEs) is created when sugar and protein react in your body. In fact, frequent intake of refined carbohydrates and sugar leads to the formation of AGEs and induces premature aging in your skin.

Responsible for Cellular Aging

While doing biology class, many of you may be familiar with the term named telomeres, which contains your genetic information. The important fact is that telomeres serve as protective caps, keeping chromosomes from degrading or fusing together and normally shrink as you age. This causes cell aging and malfunctioning. Though this event is natural, poor lifestyle, especially high sugar consumption, can induce these matters and be linked to shorter telomere length and early cellular aging.

Increase Cancer Risk

Sugar consumption is associated with an increased risk of some malignancies. Diets that are heavy in sugar, also induce inflammation and insulin resistance in the body, raising the chance of developing cancer, especially in the part of the small intestine and stomach.

Causing Depression

Depression is one of the alarming issues that numerous people are currently dealing with. Even you might have tried solely to solve your issues. What if your sugary delights cause your daily depression? After hearing, you may want to know how right? Well, by generating blood sugar fluctuations, neurotransmitter dysregulation, and inflammation; a diet heavy in added sugar and processed foods may raise your risk of getting depression.

Final Say

If you are men, then the recommended version is to consume added sugar not more than 36 grams per day. Whereas for women, it’s not more than 25 grams of added sugar per day. Sweetened foods and drinks extra in diet may generate a testier effect on your tongue, but it ultimately increases the health risk. So, having minimal sugar can be tough to handle but not impossible to continue. Do you prefer some extra sugar in your coffee or are you already limiting your sugar intake?

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