American Multi Billion Dollar Salad Industry

Salad!? After hearing this name, what are your first impressions?? A typical dish with a boring taste or a meal that can be prepared for around 1 dollar?? Yes, like you for many, salad is just a left-over menu that no one feels much interest in it. 

But, wait, do you know this less exciting topic is doing billion-dollar business globally, which is expected to reach 13.7 billion by 2028!! And yes, in this case, the US holds a million-dollar share in the market, which actually adds a new revolution in America’s food culture. Of course, we already know that some of you might have seen this type of news. However, do we ever want to discover why this salad dish has become so popular among Americans? Or how this salad industry has grown so fast all of a sudden??

Salad in History

Salad is not a new item in the food industry. Even the popularity of these salad items was seen among ancient Greeks and Romans!! However, in the 19th century, due to the home economics movement, salad items became quite popular in America. Back then, tossed salads were one of the common items presented on the dining table. Moreover, as time passes, a trend of salad menus is completely shifted from Jell-O salads to the classic Caesar salad.

In America, the oldest salad company was Saladworks, which started its business in 1986. Though due to less public demand, this company faces a bankruptcy too. However, in the 2000s, after the obesity epidemic, the concept of salad among people completely changed. People are more likely to say hello to Green things rather than big mac, and, yes, to fulfill these demands; once again American salad industry begins to boom!! This time American citizens discovered some unique salad items offered by new companies, which has full of ingredients!! 

Rise of Salad Business

After hearing, we already know that you may have recalled some popular salad chains like Sweetgreen, just salad, Chopt or simply salad. And if we are not wrong, then some of you may have shared their salad dishes on your Instagram account, right?

Yes, many of us might have visited these salad chains in recent times because most of these restaurants are located in areas with office workers areas, especially in Manhattan. Moreover, among all these salad chains, one company grabbed the most attention. It’s none other than Sweetgreen, a salad company that started its journey as a startup, becoming a billion-dollar company in the food industry of the US. But do you know what makes them so popular among Americans?

Some of you may like their customized salad menu or aggressive marketing such as launching a music festival like Sweetlife or some even go for their excellent branding language like real food should be convenient and accessible to everyone. However, if we describe this company in one line, then what might be the best pick up? Yes, you have guessed right, Sweetgreen isn’t just a restaurant; it actually sets a clear example to the American’s mind that healthy eating and living can be done at the same time! 

Right now, Sweetgreen’s has over 100 locations and over 1.5 million app users. Moreover, like Sweetgreen, other salad chains are becoming popular and grabbing customer attention too! For example, in recent times, Just salad put a carbon label on their menu, which makes them the first U.S. restaurant chain which actually take this great initiative. Even they also announced adding more plant-based cheese options to its menu so that greenhouse gas effects can be reduced. 

In addition, companies like Fresh & Co and Dig Inn bought a farm to source ingredients, whereas Sweetgreen works with over 300 organic farms!! So all these significant initiatives taken by these salad chains actually set a new trend among people.

Source: grandviewresearch

Cost vs Healthiness

Apart from all this good news, there are pieces of bad news in the air too! As we previously said that these salad chains are actually located in the working area where the cheapest salad at Sweetgreen cost over $11, and for Chopt or Just Salad, the average cost of the salad is over $10, which makes fast food way more affordable options than any of these salads items. 

Even some people believe that these healthy foods are actually for those who lead a luxurious life. However, to solve this issue a little, a salad chain named Everytable offers some great deals at locations like Compton and Watts or South LA, where people can afford these healthy items for around $7, which is again very close to fast food prices. 

Final Say

Moreover, like the common phrase as coins have two sides, so to experience these exclusive benefits, there is also some cost to bear. And yes, who thinks that once a side menu like salad becomes the main food course of Americans?? No one, right??

Elinore Barton
After graduating with a degree in biology, Elinore Barton has been a research analyst in the health and pharmaceutical industry. Along with her work, she’s also an aspiring writer and has produced influential findings through her writing. With her published works, she intends to help others maintain their health by improving their awareness of healthcare and nutrition.


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